(Instrumental Guitar Rock/Guitar Virtuoso) Eric Johnson - Up Close - 2010, FLAC (image+.cue) lossless 

Eric Johnson / Up Close
Жанр: Instrumental Guitar Rock/Guitar Virtuoso
Страна-производитель диска: Россия (пиратка)
Год издания диска: 2010
Издатель (лейбл): EMI/Vortexan Music
Номер по каталогу: 8 28527 77732 4
Страна: USA
Аудио кодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 53:16
Источник (релизер): Собственный рип из личной коллекции
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
01. Awaken (Johnson) 1:05
02. Fatdaddy (Johnson) 2:44
03. Brilliant Room (Johnson/Maddox) 3:53
04. Texas (B. Miles/M. Bloomfield) 6:02
05. Gem (Johnson) 4:10
06. Traverse (Johnson) 1:18
07. Austin (Johnson) 4:01
08. Soul Surprise (Johnson) 6:11
09. On The Way (Johnson) 3:10
10. Arithmetic (Johnson) 4:33
11. The Sea And The Mountain (Johnson) 1:50
12. Vortexan (Johnson) 3:05
13. A Change Has Come To Me (Johnson) 5:20
14. Change (Revisited) (Johnson) 1:39
15. Your Book (Johnson) 4:16

Лог создания рипа

Exact Audio Copy V0.99 prebeta 4 from 23. January 2008
Отчёт EAC об извлечении, выполненном 28. декабря 2010, 22:23
Eric Johnson / Up Close
Дисковод: ASUS DRW-20B1LT Adapter: 4 ID: 0
Режим чтения : ДостоверностьИспользование точного потока : ДаОтключение кэша аудио : ДаИспользование указателей C2 : Нет
Коррекция смещения при чтении : 6Способность читать области Lead-in и Lead-out : НетЗаполнение пропущенных сэмплов тишиной : ДаУдаление блоков с тишиной в начале и конце : НетПри вычислениях CRC использовались нулевые сэмплы : ДаИнтерфейс : Встроенный Win32-интерфейс для Win NT/2000
Выходной формат : Пользовательский кодировщикВыбранный битрейт : 320 kBit/sКачество : ВысокийДобавление ID3-тэга : НетУтилита сжатия : D:\Program Files\Exact Audio Copy\Flac\flac.exeДополнительные параметры : -8 --delete-input-file -o "D:\CDImage.flac" -V %s
TOC извлечённого CD
Трек | Старт | Длительность | Начальный сектор | Конечный сектор --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 | 0:00.00 | 1:04.50 | 0 | 4849 2 | 1:04.50 | 2:44.10 | 4850 | 17159 3 | 3:48.60 | 3:53.02 | 17160 | 34636 4 | 7:41.62 | 6:02.18 | 34637 | 61804 5 | 13:44.05 | 4:09.70 | 61805 | 80549 6 | 17:54.00 | 1:18.23 | 80550 | 86422 7 | 19:12.23 | 4:01.15 | 86423 | 104512 8 | 23:13.38 | 6:11.10 | 104513 | 132347 9 | 29:24.48 | 3:09.39 | 132348 | 146561 10 | 32:34.12 | 4:32.49 | 146562 | 167010 11 | 37:06.61 | 1:50.18 | 167011 | 175278 12 | 38:57.04 | 3:04.25 | 175279 | 189103 13 | 42:01.29 | 5:19.73 | 189104 | 213101 14 | 47:21.27 | 1:39.28 | 213102 | 220554 15 | 49:00.55 | 4:15.51 | 220555 | 239730
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Пиковый уровень 99.8 % Качество диапазона 100.0 % CRC теста 15734532 CRC копии 15734532 Копирование... OK
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Ни одного трека нет в базе AccurateRip
Конец отчёта

Содержание индексной карты (.CUE)

REM GENRE RockREM DATE 2010REM DISCID D10C7C0FREM COMMENT "ExactAudioCopy v0.99pb4"PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"TITLE "Up Close"FILE "Eric Johnson - Up Close.flac" WAVE  TRACK 01 AUDIO    TITLE "Awaken"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 01 00:00:00  TRACK 02 AUDIO    TITLE "Fatdaddy"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 01:04:49    INDEX 01 01:04:50  TRACK 03 AUDIO    TITLE "Brilliant Room"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 03:48:59    INDEX 01 03:48:60  TRACK 04 AUDIO    TITLE "Texas"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 01 07:41:62  TRACK 05 AUDIO    TITLE "Gem"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 13:44:04    INDEX 01 13:44:05  TRACK 06 AUDIO    TITLE "Traverse"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 17:53:74    INDEX 01 17:54:00  TRACK 07 AUDIO    TITLE "Autin"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 19:12:22    INDEX 01 19:12:23  TRACK 08 AUDIO    TITLE "Soul Surprise"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 01 23:13:38  TRACK 09 AUDIO    TITLE "On the Way"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 29:24:47    INDEX 01 29:24:48  TRACK 10 AUDIO    TITLE "Arithmetic"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 32:34:11    INDEX 01 32:34:12  TRACK 11 AUDIO    TITLE "The Sea and the Mountain"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 37:06:60    INDEX 01 37:06:61  TRACK 12 AUDIO    TITLE "Vortexan"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 38:57:03    INDEX 01 38:57:04  TRACK 13 AUDIO    TITLE "A Change Has Come to Me"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 42:01:28    INDEX 01 42:01:29  TRACK 14 AUDIO    TITLE "Change (revisited)"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 47:21:26    INDEX 01 47:21:27  TRACK 15 AUDIO    TITLE "You Book"    PERFORMER "Eric Johnson"    INDEX 00 49:00:54    INDEX 01 49:00:55

Об альбоме (сборнике)

On Eric Johnson's eagerly awaited upcoming album, Up Close (his first studio effort since 2005's Bloom), the guitar legend expands and deepens his signature style and sound. Yet, at the same time, the noted perfectionist tells MusicRadar, "I really didn't get all that caught up in the nitpicky aspects of recording that I used to. I let things happen and was very open to spontaneity, way more than ever before.
"I think that's why I decided to call the record Up Close. I feel like I took some barriers down between myself and the music-making process. And hopefully, the audience will feel a more direct connection to what I'm doing, as well. That was the idea, anyway."
Johnson recorded Up Close over a period of several years, working with co-producer and engineer Richard Mullen. Veteran producer Andy Johns mixed the album and, according to Johnson, "He did a tremendous job. Andy can really hear what a record should sound like - the total picture."
Although Johnson worked with a core of musicians he's utilized in the past - C Roscoe Beck on bass, along with drummers Tommy Taylor and Barry “Frosty” Smith - various guest stars make notable appearances, among them Jonny Lang, Steve Miller and Jimmie Vaughan.
“When the others artists came in, that's when things started to feel very free," says Johnson. "I wanted to create an environment where we could just see what would happen. I’m really glad I did. The record sounds very in the moment."
That is is. Having heard an advance preview of Up Close, MusicRadar can confidently rank this stunning work right up there alongside Johnson's multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning Ah Via Musicom. Guitar fans - prepare to be dazzled.
Up Close will be released on 7 December. On the following pages, MusicRadar presents our initial impressions of each song, along with an exclusive walkthrough of the selections by Eric Johnson.
Eric Johnson has emerged with a new collection of tunes that gives anxious fans just what they want: great playing, great tone and a Texas-size dose of soul.
This is the first album that was recorded entirely in Johnson’s home studio (which was took Johnson 15 years to build). The sound of the record doesn’t come across as sterile as previous studio albums and the addition of some guests really adds to the looser vibe.
A great example is “Texas,” a medium-slow blues where Johnson shows off his Clapton-meets-Bloomfield licks alongside Steve Miller and longtime Austin friend Jimmie Vaughan. The juxtaposition of Johnson and Vaughan’s solos shows off how unique, and comfortable, each guitarist is with their style.
Throughout the 15 tracks on Up Close, from the Hendrixian-ballad “A Change Has Come to Me,” to the space boogie of “Fatdaddy,” Johnson has created another worthy addition to his already legendary catalog.


Tom Burritt: Percussion
Tommy Taylor: Percussion, Drums
Oliver Rajamani: Sitar, Rubarb, Sarod, Tablas, Vocals
Eric Johnson: Guitars, Sitar, Bass, Percussion, Lap Steel, Radio and TV, Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Hammond B3
Kevin Hall: Drums
Chris Maresh: Bass
Kyle Brock: Bass
Malford Milligan: Vocals
Jason Eskridge: Background Vocals
James Fenner: Percussion
Red Young: Hammond B3
Roscoe Beck: Bass
Steve Miller: Vocals
Jimmie Vaughan: Guitar
Jonny Lang: Vocals
Steven Hennig: Guitar
Frosty Smith: Drums
Brad Evilsizer: Percussion
Sonny Landreth: Guitar
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